Implicit join = cross join = cartesian product = inner join with ON true

It’s possible to select from multiple tables in the FROM clause, e.g.

create table foo (a int);
create table bar (b int);
insert into foo values (1), (2);
insert into bar values (3, 4);
select a, b from foo, bar;

This is often called an implicit join.

This will produce the cartesian product, i.e. for each row in foo combine with each row in bar.

 a | b
 1 | 3
 1 | 4
 2 | 3
 2 | 4

Turns out this is equivalent to CROSS JOIN and INNER JOIN on true in Postgres.

select a, b from foo cross join bar;
select a, b from foo inner join bar on true;

CROSS JOIN and INNER JOIN produce a simple Cartesian product, the same result as you get from listing the two tables at the top level of FROM, but restricted by the join condition (if any). CROSS JOIN is equivalent to INNER JOIN ON (TRUE), that is, no rows are removed by qualification. These join types are just a notational convenience, since they do nothing you couldn’t do with plain FROM and WHERE.