How to create a symbolic link to a directory

I want to create a symbolic link from one directory to another. In particular I want til/hugosite/content/posts, which Hugo needs to generate this static webpage, to reflect changes in til/posts, which is where I keep these TIL posts.

This website says that the syntax is

ln -s source target

I tried creating a link, but got an error saying “too many levels of symbolic links.” This Unix StackExchange post could tell me that

symlinks are relative to the parent directory of the link, not of the current directory of the ln process.

I first successfully created a symbolic link using absolute paths,

ln -s ~/dev/til/posts ~/dev/til/hugosite/content/posts

but that broke when I deployed the site to Netlify. The relative link solution to it is

cd ~/dev/
ln -s ../../posts til/hugosite/content/posts

We can read this as: From the parent directory of til/hugosite/content/posts, which is til/hugosite/content, we go up two directories to til, and then to posts, ending up at til/posts.